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Why Choose Us?
We are able to deliver funds as fast or faster than any other lender, and that means you can deal with your issues immediately instead of waiting for a cheque to clear or having to use a cash card at a machine.

Our form is only a single page questionnaire which takes less than five minutes to fill out, and our screen capture program that you download after filling out the questionnaire is very easy to use. It works with nearly every bank in the USA.

We have already served tens of thousands of satisfied customers. Go look on the internet for reviews, or check out our BBB page. We have never had a complaint, because we treat our customers fairly and with respect.
Our Requirements
You must be at least 19 years of age to qualify. You must also be employed full time, and have some means of proving that. We require that you have a bank account that has online banking access enabled. Finally, you must be a permanent resident of the United States of America.

Our Technology
For verifying your information, we have developed a screen capturing utility that you will be asked to download and install once the loan application form has been filled out and submitted. This application will let you log in to your online banking and send the results to our secure server where our staff and software will analyze the data and decide whether a loan can be offered.

Ohio Payday Loans
What is the law?

The legislature has created a few rules to govern payday loans, including a limit of $500, a minimum duration of 31 days and a maximum interest rate of 28% APR. This means that the amount payable for a $500 loan for 31 days would be $13.15.

This is substantially lower than many other states, and therefore we are quite selective about who can qualify for a loan. Additionally, we are unable to offer loans of less than $500 because the fees for processing the loan are such a large component of the amount we can charge.

Are they right for me?
While loan rates in Ohio are quite reasonable, they are marginally higher than you would pay a credit card or a bank for a similar sized loan. If you intend to borrow this money for years or decades, it's possible that a traditional lender would be more appropriate for you.

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